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Drywall Company

Drywall Company

Drywall finishing is the final step in realizing your interior decoration dreams.

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Drywall Contractor

Drywall Contractor

They can then work down, hanging drywall as they go, securing the corners as the last step in the process.

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Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

When detected early, basic patch repairs can do the job of cleaning off your drywall and repairing small cracks and holes.

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Walls and ceilings are fixed perfectly

Woodland Hills is a district in the state of California, which is situated in the city of Los Angeles. The population is just over 70,000. Woodland Hills Recreation Center (a 19-acre recreational park), is complete with a swimming pool, football fields, baseball diamonds, and a basketball court. Our Woodland Hills Drywall Company is more than happy to be the number one company that residents go to for drywall services.

Drywall Repair Woodland Hills

Quite a number of drywall companies can be found in the area of Woodland Hills. However, only one of these companies is considered to be true professionals, as they take pride in specializing in the field of drywall. Our company is here to meet your drywall needs, and we offer the following services:

*    Drywall finishing

*    Drywall texture

*    Drywall installation

*    Drywall repair

But these are just a sneak-peak at all the services that are offered by our company

We happen to offer both residential and commercial drywall services. There is no drywall project that is too small, or too big for us to handle. Give us a call today, and we will help you from start to finish with your drywall project.

Our well trained drywall installers also offer our customers the best in drywall installation services. Because our staff comprises of skilled professionals, they know that it is of utmost importance to install drywall starting from the top and moving down. Additionally, they know that it is also important to the ceilings prior to the walls. This knowledge and their years of experience, makes it easy for them to ensure that your drywall installation project goes very smooth and fast. We use a drywall lift when required, to lift various sizes of drywall into position for walls and ceilings. You can come to our company for drywall texture services as well. We can texturize your wall, and develop a design that is fitting for your drywall texture needs. The two primary styles of finished drywall are:

*    Textured

*    Smooth

The three drywall textured finishes are:

*    Medium

*    Heavy

*    Light

Drywall repair is also a specialty area for our drywall contractors. There are specific skills that our contractors have acquired over the years, which are important in our drywall repair service. Give us a call if you need drywall that has water damage, holes and cracks to be repaired very accurately and quickly. Some of the repair services that we offer are inclusive of:

*    Matching/Patching

*    Taping

*    Existing Drywall

*    New Drywall

*    Plaster Hanging

*    Acoustical Removal

Our Woodland Hills Drywall Company will also do wall covering services for you. There are multiple types of wall coverings that you will be able to make a choice from. These include wall coverings such as: brick, wood, interior, wallpaper, fabric and vinyl. 

Ceilings are included in the drywall services that we offer. Drywall ceiling services that we offer include: ceiling installation, removal of popcorn ceiling, in addition to ceiling repair. We also offer wall plastering services, such as:

*     Repairing plaster walls

*    Plaster ceiling

*    Wall plastering

At our Woodland Hills Drywall Company, we are aware of how essential it is to have smooth corners and seams. In order to achieve drywall corner success, there are five important steps that must be followed. These are:

*    Ensuring that the corner is taped

*    Applying joint compound

*    Feathering and sanding layers

*    Applying the metal corner bead

*    Sanding the corner

Our Woodland Hills Drywall Company will come out to your location and listen to what you want. We will help you design your drywall plans, which will say exactly what you need done. With this we will be able to give you a Drywall estimate. If this estimate is equivalent to the drywall prices that you are willing to pay, then we will move on to Professional Drywall Drafting. When this is all done, it will be transformed into drywall blueprints. We will agree on a drywall Construction Schedule, and we will be ready to show off our fantastic drywall services to you.

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