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Various types of Drywall Mud Used

Various types of Drywall Mud Used
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Drywall or joint compound is a white colored substance identical to plaster. It is used along with joint tape for sealing of sheets of drywall in buildings. The compound is mostly referred to as joint cement or mud. The material is used for hanging drywall by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It fills up joints and the joint taping, nailing and screws keep the application secure. There are different types of joint compound that include drying and setting types.

Taping material

Various types of Drywall Mud UsedThis drywall material is used in the initial two layers of joint compound application of the three layers done over the tape and joints in drywall installation. The taping compound is used in areas where a gap is present between two drywall sheets. After joint taping compound is applied in the gap, the tape is placed over it and the material is left to dry. A second layer of the compound ensures that cracking or shrinking does not occur in the drywall.

All-purpose material

This is an alternative form of joint compound. It can be used as taping and as topping material, and is commonly used in homes, as it is effective in all the three layers of joint compound application. It is also used for texturing. The main drawback in the material is it is not strong and is less crack resistant, when compared to other types.

Topping type

This is the third and final layer of joint compound applied on the drywall. The sanding and primer application is done over this layer. This compound is for covering the two coats applied earlier and is not used for adhering joint and tape.

Setting compound

This is used for patching up blemish repair and small holes in drywall. It has advantages like hard drying, better bonding, and crack and shrinkage resistance. A second layer of the compound can be given over the first one without waiting for the initial layer to dry. One downside is it is difficult to handle. The drying time is generally 20 minutes. Since it is not available as premixed form, you need to know the right consistency for using it.

Lightweight compounds

These are of lighter shade and are not seen through the texturing, even if applied in thick layers. All the above types of joint compound are available in this type. Also called as lightweight compound these have less amount of gluing components and so are not good for taping the seams. These lightweight materials are used for the corner bead layer and in the first two seam coats. Since sanding can be done easily on this material, it is used for the finishing coat on drywall.

All the different types of joint compounds are fully compatible with each other. However, manufacturers caution users from mixing the different compounds in drywall repair, while using them over one another is allowed. Using the manufacturer’s specific recommendation is best for getting good results. Our professionals use the best combination of joint compound for all types of repairs, ensuring an excellent finish and outstanding finish.

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